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Those of you who have come in contact with Ann Groninger and Peter Wilborn of www.bikelaw.com know how much of their personal time they dedicate to improving cycling on many fronts: safety, accessibility, rights for injured cyclists… In fact, they’re the only attorneys we know who spend anywhere close to that amount of energy and resources on behalf of the cycling community. They are also the only lawyers in North and South Carolina we know that have a website dedicated solely to cycling.

Here are just a few examples of what Ann and Peter have done or have in the works:

  - active members in local, regional and national cycling advocacy groups

  - donating time and money to local cycling groups and events

  - organizing lobbying to ask North Carolina legislators to eliminate contributory negligence and pass comparative fault law

  - currently creating a website to inform cyclists about political candidates’ views on cycling related issues

  - regularly speaking to groups about cycling safety          

  - educating groups about South Carolina’s anti-harassment law

  - meeting with state officials to improve driver’s education curriculum and testing to promote cycling safety

  - working with police to improve police reaction to cycling crashes

  - started the Lights for Life program, donating red blinkie lights to police officers and bike advocates 

  - partnered in the Safe Streets Save Lives video PSA campaign   (http://www.safestreetssavelives.org)

  - wrote articles for national and regional publications, including American Bicyclists 

  - authorized the Lost Art of the Group Ride, an article that has been read by over 50,000 cyclists  

  - represented critically injured cyclists and families of deceased cyclists in too many cases 


The Adam Little Foundation believes it’s important to support businesses that give back to our community, and this business certainly does.  You should also know that you’ll be in great hands with either one of these attorneys.  Ann and Peter have both successfully handled complex, multi-million dollar claims and wrongful death claims. Both have been practicing law and trying cases for many years and both are connected with highly ranked and respected law firms. As avid cyclists themselves, Ann and Peter will have an understanding of your case that others who don't cycle simply won't. Ann has also donated to the Foundation and has pledged to continue to do so. 

We know that you have many choices when in need of legal help, and we believe that choosing BikeLaw is your best choice, now and in the future.

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